OLT Community

Each student is one of many

OLT is a student-centered company. Our course authors and instructors listen to students and seek to improve the learning experience and knowledge transfer. We can quickly make changes to the online lesson material as needs arise. The OLT staff at every level, from the Registrar to the Webmistress focus on the student to simplify, improve, and automate the experience.

A student in a course may feel like an isolated learner, working alone to acquire new knowledge and skills. But they are in a virtual learning space with multiple students in the same course, and hundreds of students in similar courses enrolled either individually or through many educational and corporate partners. Thousands of students enroll and complete OLT courses every year. Since OLT opened its doors in 1998 providing online courses, we have had 68,921 course registrations (as of this writing on April 19, 2021).

We offer a student “Breakroom” forum where students can ask each other questions, share things they have learned, and network with each other. This Breakroom continues to be available to them even after they finish our courses, receive their licenses, and develop their careers.

We worked with a Florida college and the Florida Department of Financial Services in 1999 to develop the first online pre-licensing insurance course, and its success rate in preparing students for the State Exam beat that of the classroom experience. Since then, we have partnered with most of the Community/State Colleges in our home state of Florida to be their insurance pre-licensing and continuing education online training provider, and now offer real estate courses, as well as many personal and professional development courses in all fifty states.

You are not alone. Our instructors, staff, and technologists are all here with the single purpose of ensuring you are successful. We exist because you are here.

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