Refund Policy


Online Training, Inc. actively seeks to create learning environments that fully foster the success of those that use our instructional materials. Barriers to learning are by design eliminated from our course offerings. One known barrier to learning is the operation of refund policies and guarantees. Both are often seen by students as exit strategies that may be exercised in lieu of completing a course. Thus, the possibility of a refund can and often does reduce student drive and their level of effort to successfully complete a course. OnLine Training's basic refund policy is thus - you have 24 hours to request a refund.

However, there are exceptions. First, Online Training will fully honor the refund policy of our resellers and colleges - without question. Second, a replacement course or refund will be made available if a student enrolls in the wrong course or an inappropriate course and notifies Online Training within 24 hours of enrollment. If a refund is provided, a $25 administrative fee will be subtracted from the cost of the course. Third, students are encouraged to continue with their studies until they succeed.

Students are considered actively enrolled in a course until they complete the end-of-course examination, the post-test, or the course registration expires. Course extensions may be available upon approval. Course extensions must be requested before the expiration date is reached. An Extension Fee will be charged - all extensions are for only 1 month.  In all cases, after 3 extensions, the course must be repurchased in order to continue.

In Case of Fraud claims:
OLT will immediately institute a review of our logs when we receive a dispute. We will track the IP address, physical address and all actions logged on our servers. This includes the time and date, user IP address, user location, and what pages were accessed before and after the disputed transaction. Our goal is to provide the best courses possible in a secure and ethical environment.

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